The Healing Church INRI

 The Healing Church shares prayers, fellowship, and the healing medicine described in Exodus 30:23 to those in need of physical and/or spiritual healing.

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“And I will raise up for them a
bud of reknown: and they shall
be no more consumed with famine
in the land, neither shall they
bear anymore the reproach
of the Gentiles.”
Ezekiel 34:29
Douay-Rheims Bible











Anne Armstrong

That’s right – Alan Gordon, Canon of The Healing Church IN RI and Anne Armstrong, Deaconess of The Healing Church IN RI (pictured above) are saying, “Test Zika on us to prove the anti-viral properties of Cannabis.”

Clergy offer “Test Zika on us,” noting long-known general anti-viral cannabis effects

Zika Virus “Almost Certainly” Inhibited by Cannabis Oil, Says Pro-Life Rhode Island Church in Bid to Save Unborn

Hoisting 100-lb life-sized pro-Life missionary portrait, Deaconess Anne Armstrong and her unusual Apostolate claim

cannabis floral print visible in Blessed Mother’s dress, in 16th century miraculous Virgen de Guadalupe image


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“Every Catholic and anti-abortionist Christian in the world has a moral duty to the unborn to push for immediate testing and implementation of crude cannabis extract as an obvious preventative and remedy against Zika,” says Rev. Dr. Anne Armstrong, Deaconess of a tiny but not uncontroversial Rhode Island catholic Apostolate who thinks the Bible’s Hebrew medicine “KNH BSM” (“sweet-smelling spice from a textile crop”) is cannabis.

According to Armstrong, cannabis is generally anti-viral, and the general Catholic consensus is that used respectfully, cannabis is an excellent and ethical medicine for many illnesses, so no religious doctrine contravenes its use in Latin America.

“For too long science and governments have awkwardly shushed cannabis’ general anti-viral properties — improving outlook, inhibiting viral reproduction and/or transmission, and reducing viral load against HIV, hepatitis-C, and chickenpox/shingle family viruses” says Alan Gordon, Church Canon to “Deaconess Anne,” as he calls Armstrong. Gordon says besides controlling the growth and spread of the virus itself, cannabis can also dramatically reduce the fever, inflammation nausea, and other birth defect-stimulating symptoms of the virus.

According to Gordon, cannabis’ medical benefits are tremendous, and can be enhanced by the plant’s effects not only on the immune system, but on the nervous system as well.

Armstrong says the reason that cannabis is found in the very the Creation stories of the Hindu/Buddhist mythos, and is also found at the basis of Judeo-Christian faith, as well, is because it  enhances people’s ability to believe what they know to be true, as follows:

● cannabis is known to be a better medicine than placebos

● placebos are medicines which work because people believe they are real. The placebo effect (belief in a medicine) works

    — it can cause a non-medicine to have effect, or even boost the effect of a real medicine, or the effect can be used to       diminish the effect of a real medicine (if the patient does not believe it is).

prayer (belief) enhances healing rate

 ● the placebo effect is modulated in part by the cannabinoid receptor system

● combining cannabis, history of religion, history of cannabis, and prayer can dramatically boost the effectiveness of cannabis medicines and other remedies used in conjunction.

“Deaconess Anne appears to be carrying out ‘faith healings’ with extraordinary acceleration of bodily healing process that may appear miraculous, but which can be explained with God’s laws of science and nature,” says Gordon. A Bible Full of Cannabis says Jesus, James (at 5:14), St. Hildegard of Bingen, Eldad and Medad (Numbers 11), Pope John XXI and other ancient healers were documented using Biblical KNH BSM anointing oil (as per the Exodus 30:23 recipe). Armstrong says these ancient healers were “teaching people to use it in conjunction with prayer for healing, but un-evolved humans tried to monetize and weaponize it for personal power instead.”

“As a Jewish mason willing to help out my Catholic sister despite our differences,” says Gordon, adding “I daresay in the case of my own institution, freemasonry, it is now time, in the face of the Zika virus threatening human reproduction, to unveil the ancient truths, and that humanity is ready to handle fair charitable home production of cannabis without tobacco-like monopolies banning life-saving medicine, for money’s sake, at the end of a gun.”


As for Armstrong, she says given what we know about general anti-viral properties of cannabis, it is medically unethical to stop people from using cannabis to prevent and treat the illness, regardless of government testing bans and industry anti-herbal standards “meant to protect patents, not patients.”

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